Web Applications Security

According to Cenzic research, 96% of tested web applications in 2013 contain at least 1 serious vulnerability. This means that almost every web application contains a vulnerability that can be used by attackers to compromise the website. Along with vulnerabilities in web application there could be also misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in application environment, e.g. webserver, proxy server, database or even operating system.

Attacker usually do not hesitate to exploit weaknesses that can leverage in application or system compromise, that is why a complex approach to web application security is needed in order to protect your web site.

Our company provides a number of services aimed to protect your website:

  • Source code audit
  • ImmuniWeb
  • Malware detection & removal
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) configuration

We have teams of security researchers and web developers that can identify vulnerabilities and give instructions on their remediation including source code patching and WAF or webserver configuration. We can develop custom rules or write universal code that will stop the attack and protect the website until the original code is patched.