Web Applications Support & Deployment

We can offer you technical support services, which include consulting, programming, software and system administration, and continuous monitoring. We want to make sure that we provide everything you need to ensure continuous and stable work of your website.

We know how to build a reliable infrastructure for your web application and how to support it. We know how caching works and how to react in case of a large DDoS attack.

Website technical support packages

8x5-20 Package 8x5-40 Package 8x5-80 Package 8x5-160 Package
Bitrix, WordPress, Joomla content management systems
Administration of Apache, nginx, IIS, Tomcat
PHP, ASP.NET, JSP languages
Support for Linux, *BSD, Windows OS families
Support hours per month 20 40 80 160
Support tickets per month 50 100 200 unlimited
Price per hour in case you exceed your hour limit 60 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR
Reaction time Up to 6 working hours Up to 4 working hours Up to 2 working hours Up to 1 working hour

1 199 EUR

per month

2 199 EUR

per month

3 999 EUR

per month

6 999 EUR

per month
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We work from 09:00 to 20:00 CET


List of services, included in every technical support package:

  1. Monitoring and installing software updates (CMS, plugins, database, webserver, etc.). Before deployment all updates are tested in test environment.
  2. Following disaster-recovery plan. Every week we perform manual recovery from backup in test environment.
  3. Database optimization when needed. We monitor database usage and can perform defragmentation, optimize tables, create additional indexes or remove obsolete functionality.
  4. Removal of programming errors in product or mistakes made by website editors/administrators.
  5. Continuous website accessibility monitoring 24/7.
  6. Implementation of new features upon request.
  7. WAF Virtual patching.

Scope of provided services


We can advise you on different questions regarding your website, e.g. which content management system (CMS) to use, how to use it, what is the best way to perform your usual tasks and how to improve your experience with current CMS. We also can suggest the best suitable back-end software for your website, e.g. webserver, proxy server, database, etc.
We can develop update and disaster-recovery plans to ensure that your website is always secure and has a valid backup.


Our programmers can help you solve any programing-related issues, edit source code of web application or develop additional functionality. We can also evaluate code, written by third-parties.
We can test and deploy patches for your CMS and its plugins/extensions.

System administration

Our company can manage your website infrastructure. We can set up operating system, configure your webserver for high-load web application, test and deploy solution, and make your website run smoothly.

Detailed description of services included into technical support packages

1. Monitoring and installing software updates

We track all types of updates issued by software vendors. All updates are categorized according to their critical level and thoroughly tested in test environment before actual production deployment. The deployment is performed according to previously developed update policy. If you do not have your own update policy, we will create it for you. The policy will contain detailed instructions on how and when to install updates or move to a newer version of software.

How does this work

  • We gather information on all software installed on your system and add it to the watchlist.
  • Once an update is published by the vendor, we react on it within 8 working hours.
  • We test the update in test environment and install it after successful testing according to update policy.
  • Non-security updates will be installed within timeframe, discussed with customer. This needs to be done to avoid possible website outage during business hours.
  • Important security updates are installed as soon as they are checked in test environment. We react on these updates within one working hour.

2. Backups

We develop and monitor the entire backup process to ensure that our clients have up-to-date and completely functional backups. We perform testing of backup restoration process according to disaster-recovery plan.
We usually recommend to test backup restoration once per month.

3. Continuous website monitoring

We constantly monitor your website accessibility and its correct behavior. We constantly analyze database and webserver log files and solve any issues, which may result after incorrect configuration or changes, introduced to web application or its environment.

We perform:

  • Remote accessibility and website speed monitoring
  • Automated and manual log files analysis
  • Monitoring of files and data integrity

4. Consulting & advising

We can consult your editors and website administrators how to perform certain actions with website, how to manage content and solve any related issues.
You can create a ticket and we will do our best to solve the issue within one working hour.

5. Development of new website functionality

We can offer you help with creating new website sections or pages using current or completely new graphic design. We can suggest or develop from scratch new functionality, crucial for your business. The job can be done according to support plan within hours provided by the package.

6. Server administration

Our company can provide full services related to website and server administration tasks. We can set up, configure and constantly monitor your website environment, which includes operating system, back-end and front-end applications, such as database, webserver, proxy server, web application firewall, etc.

7. Reporting

At the end of the month, we create and send to our clients detailed report on performed tasks and requests along with time, which we have spent on these tasks. We do this to help you choose the best package option suitable for you.