We monitor:

10024 online sources

We spot:

248 data breaches per day

We analyze:

18 vulnerabilities per day

We deliver:

54 alerts per day

Security services

According to Cenzic research, 96% of tested web applications in 2013 contain at least 1 serious vulnerability. This means that almost every web application contains a vulnerability that can be used by attackers to compromise the website.

IT Consulting

Vulnerability management is an important process for every company with 25+ employees. With this number of computers it becomes difficult to track changes in software versions and install updates on time.

Services for media

If you are a journalist and struggle with security-related questions in your article, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly consult you on issues of any importance and provide you with accurate information on the subject.

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ImmuniWeb® platform provides companies of all sizes with the most sophisticated on-demand and continuous web application security testing, continuous monitoring, vulnerability management and compliance.