Privacy And Personal Data Protection Policy of Cybersecurity Help s.r.o.

This website may contain content that is protected by copyright, trademarks or other legal intellectual property rights. Therefore, unless otherwise specifically stated, you must not copy, store, modify, transmit, distribute, publish, broadcast or use any such content in any manner that may breach such rights.

This policy applies to:

  • the web pages in the Cybersecurity Help domains
  • products and services developed by and/or licensed by Cybersecurity Help and its subsidiaries.

Cybersecurity Help is not responsible for the behavior of third-parties that have the same name or domain, or offer Cybersecurity Help products, but which are not registered to Cybersecurity Help.

Cybersecurity Help recognizes the need to protect the personal data of all website visitors. Cybersecurity Help confirms that its behavior is in harmony with both the Privacy Act of its home country, the Czech Republic (Act no. 101/2000 Sb) and, more broadly, the generally recognized principles of privacy and personal data protection. Cybersecurity Help collects and retains only

  • data that is needed to maintain the quality of Cybersecurity Help products and services at the highest possible level and
  • data that is essential for offering support needed by users of Cybersecurity Help products and services

Personal Data Provided by Visitor to Cybersecurity Help

"Personal data" below means data relating to a specific person, that is, a person who can be identified directly or indirectly. Cybersecurity Help acquires only such data as is required to perform the activities listed in this Policy.

Please note, that the Cybersecurity Help web pages may contain links to websites of our affiliates, business partners or other third parties. These third parties have their own privacy policies, which you should read before submitting any data to those pages. Cybersecurity Help is not liable for activities of any third party.

Automatically Collected Data Related to Cybersecurity Help Webpage Visits

Cybersecurity Help, its affiliates and advertisers may use so-called "cookies" to track the visitors of Cybersecurity Help websites. Cookie technology is used to facilitate navigation of the website. Cookies are small pieces of unique information, sent by a website, that are stored on your hard drive and temporarily in your computer's memory by your web browser. This allows the website to recognize you as you move through the website without your having to enter any personal information. This information is not personally identifiable; it does not include personal data regarding the website visitor, and Cybersecurity Help does not correlate this information with your personal information.

The information may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • data identifying the visitor's Internet address and geographical region (IP address)
  • time and date of the visit, length of time spent on the Cybersecurity Help pages
  • list of sub pages visited within the Cybersecurity Help pages
  • list of pages/phrases/files searched for on the Cybersecurity Help pages
  • web browser used
  • operating system used, and monitor settings used

The data obtained is used for optimizing Cybersecurity Help web presence.

Check your browser settings in the "Help" section if you do not want to store this information. This will allow you also to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies as well as offering other options and settings concerning cookies.

Cybersecurity Help is obliged to store all information about purchases made from the website within two years. This information includes IP address of the financial transaction, the amount of transaction, the kind of service, date of transaction and number of the order.

Cybersecurity Help ensures that stored financial information is automatically deleted in a secure manner after the period of two years.

Personal Data Security

The Personal Data that Cybersecurity Help acquires is stored on servers that are protected against unauthorized access. Sensitive portions of the Cybersecurity Help web pages may also be protected via a password created by the visitor, who takes full responsibility for his or her behavior in regards to password security and secure access to such protected areas. Cybersecurity Help cannot take responsibility for unauthorized access to personal data that occurs during data transfers made possible by security failures in systems other than Cybersecurity Help systems. Such data transfers may take place when data is being delivered outside the network that is under the exclusive control of Cybersecurity Help. Thus any person transferring personal data does so at their own risk.

Information exchange between Cybersecurity Help website and the website visitor is protected by 256-bit encryption key verified by Let's Encrypt.

Purposes for Which Personal Data Is Used

Personal data acquired by Cybersecurity Help is used in connection with activities that lead to outcomes requested by the visitor to the Cybersecurity Help web pages or achieved in connection with an agreement between Cybersecurity Help and the visitor. Typical activities include:

  • completing orders initiated by the customer via the Cybersecurity Help web pages
  • completing credit card payments via secure gateway of e-commerce partner
  • participation in a Cybersecurity Help contest or survey
  • product registration, for the purpose of offering further support or providing discounts, etc. product upgrades
  • sending of informational materials (e.g. bulletins/newsletters) containing necessary information and interesting facts related to the visitor's object of interest
  • Other appropriate telephone, postal, or e-mail communication

Who May Access Personal Data

Cybersecurity Help ensures that the types of data mentioned in this Policy are available only to those employees of Cybersecurity Help who must have access to it for activities (e.g. support) to the benefit of the person who provided the data to Cybersecurity Help or to whom the data otherwise relates. “Employee” above means any employee or contractor of Cybersecurity Help, its parent company, subsidiaries or branches.

Individual processes initiated on a Cybersecurity Help web page may be continued on the pages of another companies when this is essential for their continuation (e.g. completion of a product purchase process via an e-shop, particularly payments via credit card). In such cases, personal data may be shared between Cybersecurity Help and the company performing such continuation of a process. Cybersecurity Help takes care to ensure that its business partners treat personal data in a manner in accord with the law and moral principles, but it also recommends that, in cases where data will be shared with a Cybersecurity Help business partner, the person sharing personal data also familiarizes himself or herself with the personal data policy available on the web page of the given business partner.

Cybersecurity Help will never provide personal data to third parties without the awareness and agreement of the person to whom the data relates unless compelled by applicable local, country or international laws.

Changes to Personal Data in the Cybersecurity Help Archives; Queries and Claims in Connection with Personal Data Protection

Each user may request a change to, or immediate deletion of, his or her record in the personal data database. Such requests should be sent to customer support ( Any requests regarding personal data protection not answered above can also be answered by contacting customer support using contact information provided in the Contact Us section of the website.

Cybersecurity Help reserves the right to change this policy due to changes of legislation, changes to Cybersecurity Help business policy, or other reasons. These changes will tend towards an increase in the protection of personal data.

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Updated: 2018-02-19