Premium access to vulnerability database

Cybersecurity Help offers personalized and actionable vulnerability intelligence services. We maintain our own vulnerability database, collect and analyze data from multiple sources and issue timely and relevant alerts regarding vulnerabilities in software that you use.

Access to community edition of the vulnerability database is free of charge. Other services, such as access to API, vulnerability management, shared dashboard, immediate access to new exploits, are possible with a commercial subscription.


Free of charge
Community edition

Use for free
Community package includes:
Personalized dashboard
Access to vulnerability descriptions
Unlimited search queries
Monitor vulnerabilities in software from 5 vendors
Instant alerts on new vulnerabilities in monitored software


99 /  per month
billed annually

Same as Community package, plus:
Full access to vulnerabilities & exploits
Access to media monitor
Weekly digests
Vulnerability management for 5 hosts/assets
Monitor software from 20 vendors


499 /  per month
billed annually

Same as Standard, plus:
Multi-user dashboard (25 users)
Rich API support (< 100.000 requests/month)
Monitor software from 250 vendors
Vulnerability management for 100 hosts/assets
New software version monitor
Custom alerts on vulnerabilities & software versions
Daily & weekly security digests


2990 /  per month
billed annually

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Same as Pro, plus:
Multi-user dashboard (100 users)
Access to vulnerability database (on premise VA)
Rich API support (< 1M requests/month)
CI/CD integration
Customized alerts by SMS
Monitor vulnerabilities in software from 500 vendors
Vulnerability management for 255 hosts/assets
Extended SLA