CWE-824 - Access of Uninitialized Pointer


The program accesses or uses a pointer that has not been initialized. If the pointer contains an uninitialized value, then the value might not point to a valid memory location. This could cause the program to read from or write to unexpected memory locations, leading to a denial of service. If the uninitialized pointer is used as a function call, then arbitrary functions could be invoked. If an attacker can influence the portion of uninitialized memory that is contained in the pointer, this weakness could be leveraged to execute code or perform other attacks. Depending on memory layout, associated memory management behaviors, and program operation, the attacker might be able to influence the contents of the uninitialized pointer, thus gaining more fine-grained control of the memory location to be accessed. If the uninitialized pointer is used in a read operation, an attacker might be able to read sensitive portions of memory. If the uninitialized pointer references a memory location that is not accessible to the program, or points to a location that is "malformed" (such as NULL) or larger than expected by a read or write operation, then a crash may occur. If the uninitialized pointer is used in a function call, or points to unexpected data in a write operation, then code execution may be possible.

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