Security restrictions bypass in GNOME Display Manager

Published: 2019-02-14 10:16:34
Severity Low
Patch available YES
Number of vulnerabilities 1
CVE ID CVE-2019-3825
Exploitation vector Local
Public exploit N/A
Vulnerable software GNOME Display Manager
Vulnerable software versions GNOME Display Manager 3.30.2
GNOME Display Manager 3.30.1
GNOME Display Manager 3.30.0

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Vendor URL Gnome Development Team

Security Advisory

1) Security restrictions bypass


The vulnerability allows a physical attacker to bypass security restrictions on the system.

The vulnerability exists due to improper security restrictions imposed by the affected software when timed login is enabled. A local attacker with physical access can select the timed login user and wait for the timer to expire that allows to bypass security restrictions and gain access to the logged-in user’s session on the targeted system.


Update to version 3.31.4.

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