Stored XSS in Social Warfare WordPress plugin

Published: 2019-03-21 23:01:25 | Updated: 2019-03-25
Severity High
Patch available YES
Number of vulnerabilities 1
CVE ID CVE-2019-9978
Exploitation vector Network
Public exploit This vulnerability is being exploited in the wild.
Vulnerable software WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare
Vulnerable software versions WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare 3.5.2
WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare 3.5.1
Vendor URL Warfare Plugins

Security Advisory

UPDATED: 22.03.2019
Vulnerability name and description were updated according to analysis. Risk level was lowered from Critical to High.

UPDATED: 25.03.2019
Assigned CVE-ID.

1) Cross-site scripting


The vulnerability allows a remote attacker to perform cross-site scripting attacks.

The vulnerability exists due to usage of the eval() JavaScript call on data passed via the  "swp_url" HTTP GET parameter to "/wp-admin/admin-post.php" script, when "swp_debug" is set to "load_options", allowing to permanently inject and execute arbitrary JavaScript code on the website. A remote unauthenticated attacker can store a specially crafted JavaScript code into database and execute it in browser of every website visitor.

Note: this vulnerability is being actively exploited in the wild.

Exploitation example:



Update to version 3.5.3.

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