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Privilege escalation in Lenovo XClarity Controller (XCC)

Published: 2020-02-14 | Updated: 2020-02-14
Severity Low
Patch available YES
Number of vulnerabilities 1
CVE ID CVE-2019-6195
Exploitation vector Local network
Public exploit N/A
Vulnerable software
Lenovo XClarity Controller (XCC)
Hardware solutions / Firmware

Vendor Lenovo

Security Advisory

This security advisory describes one low risk vulnerability.

1) Permissions, Privileges, and Access Controls

Severity: Low


CVE-ID: CVE-2019-6195

CWE-ID: CWE-264 - Permissions, Privileges, and Access Controls

Exploit availability: No


The vulnerability allows a remote attacker to escalate privileges on the system.

The vulnerability exists due to an authorization bypass issue. A remote authenticated attacker on the local network can gain read-only access to higher-privileged information if 1) “LDAP Authentication Only with Local Authorization” mode is configured and used by XCC, and 2) a lesser privileged user logs into XCC within 1 minute of a higher privileged user logging out.


Install updates from vendor's website.

Vulnerable software versions

Lenovo XClarity Controller (XCC): 1.02, 1.03, 1.05, 1.06, 1.08, 1.20, 1.40, 1.41, 1.43, 1.45, 1.50, 1.51, 1.60, 1.61, 1.70, 1.74, 1.77, 1.80, 1.90, 2.10, 2.12, 2.31, 2.40, 2.41, 2.42, 2.50, 2.60, 2.70, 2.80, 2.84, 2.85, 3.00

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Q & A

Can this vulnerability be exploited remotely?

Yes. This vulnerability can be exploited by a remote authenticated user via the local network (LAN).

Is there known malware, which exploits this vulnerability?

No. We are not aware of malware exploiting this vulnerability.