Known vulnerabilities in frameworks for developing and running applications

SSRF in Spring Framework21 Feb, 2024
Medium Patched
Improper access control in Spring Security21 Feb, 2024
Medium Patched
Multiple vulnerabilities in Apache Camel20 Feb, 2024
High Patched
Address bar spoofing attack in WebKitGTK19 Feb, 2024
Medium Not Patched
Buffer overflow in WebKitGTK+ and WPE WebKit06 Feb, 2024
High Not Patched
Denial of service in Spring Framework26 Jan, 2024
Medium Patched
WildFly update for third-party components25 Jan, 2024
Сritical Patched
SSRF in Apache Axis25 Jan, 2024
Low Patched
Improper access restrictions in Quarkus07 Dec, 2023
Low Patched