List of vendors and software affected by the Apache Log4J vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)

On this page we display a list of vendors and their software affected by the code injection vulnerability in the Apache Log4J. This page is being updated in real time as soon as we issue the corresponding security bulletin.

Updated: 2 days ago

# Vendor Software Patch Bulletin
1 Alertus Alertus Console SB2021121523
2 Amazon Web Services Amazon Linux AMI SB2021121801
3 Amazon Web Services Amazon Linux AMI SB2021122401
4 Apache Foundation Apache Log4j SB2021121003
5 Apache Foundation Flink SB2021121344
6 Apache Foundation Apache Solr SB2021121345
7 Apache Foundation Apache Tika SB2021121346
8 Apache Foundation Apache Archiva SB2021121612
9 Apache Foundation Apache Calcite Avatica SB2021121613
10 Apache Foundation Apache EventMesh SB2021121614
11 Apache Foundation Apache Druid SB2021121615
12 Apache Foundation Apache Fortress SB2021121616
13 Apache Foundation Apache Geode SB2021121617
14 Apache Foundation Apache Hive SB2021121618
15 Apache Foundation Jena SB2021121619
16 Apache Foundation Apache JMeter SB2021121620
17 Apache Foundation OFBiz SB2021121621
18 Apache Foundation Apache Ozone SB2021121622
19 Apache Foundation SkyWalking SB2021121623
20 Apache Foundation Apache Traffic Control SB2021121624
21 Apache Foundation Apache Nifi SB2021121705
22 Apache Foundation Apache Tapestry SB2021121718
23 Apache Foundation Apache Spark SB2021121722
24 Apereo Foundation Apereo CAS SB2021121347
25 Apereo Foundation Opencast SB2021121508
26 arduino Arduino IDE SB2021121717
27 Arista Networks CloudVision Portal SB2021121723
28 Atlassian Bitbucket Server SB2021121607
29 Brian Pangburn SwingSet SB2021121509
30 Clavister InCenter SB2021121625
31 Cloud Foundry Foundation CF Deployment SB2021122018
32 cPanel, Inc cPanel SB2021121348
33 Debian apache-log4j2 (Debian package) SB2021121201
34 Dell EMC NetWorker Server SB2021121534
35 Dell Dell NetWorker Virtual Edition SB2021121535
36 Dell Dell EMC Unity Operating Environment (OE) SB2021122913
37 Dell Storage Center - Dell Storage Manager SB2021123013
38 Dell Connectrix MDS-DCNM SB2021123014
39 Dell Nutanix AOS SB2021123015
40 Dell Nutanix Objects SB2021123016
41 Dell Dell EMC Unisphere Central SB2022010421
42 Evaluating Variations in Language Laboratory The Java Graphical Authorship Attribution Program SB2021121529
43 F-Secure F-Secure Policy Manager SB2021122121
44 F-Secure F-Secure Policy Manager for Linux SB2021122122
45 F-Secure F-Secure Policy Manager Proxy SB2021122123
46 F-Secure F-Secure Policy Manager Proxy for Linux SB2021122124
47 F-Secure F-Secure Endpoint Proxy SB2021122125
48 FileCap FileCap Server SB2021121707
49 Fortinet, Inc FortiSIEM SB2021121301
50 Fortinet, Inc FortiCASB SB2021121302
51 Fortinet, Inc FortiPortal SB2021121303
52 Fortinet, Inc FortiNAC SB2021121304
53 Fortinet, Inc FortiConverter SB2021121305
54 Fortinet, Inc FortiAIOps SB2021121306
55 Fortinet, Inc FortiSOAR SB2021121308
56 GitHub GitHub Enterprise Server SB2021121445
57 Gradle Gradle Enterprise SB2021121517
58 Gradle Gradle Enterprise Test Distribution Agent SB2021121519
59 Gradle Build Cache Node SB2021121520
60 Graylog Graylog SB2021121428
61 HMS Networks eCatcher SB2021121522
62 IBM Corporation IBM WebSphere Application Server SB2021121309
63 IBM Corporation IBM Spectrum Protect Plus SB2021122302
64 IBM Corporation IBM Cloud Application Business Insights SB2021122305
65 IBM Corporation IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot for VMware SB2021122309
66 IBM Corporation IBM Cognos Controller SB2021122310
67 IBM Corporation IBM Cognos Analytics SB2021122311
68 IBM Corporation IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management SB2021122402
69 IBM Corporation IBM Business Automation Workflow SB2021122403
70 IBM Corporation Netcool/OMNIbus SB2021122712
71 IBM Corporation IBM Resilient SOAR SB2021122714
72 IBM Corporation Jazz for Service Management SB2021122715
73 IBM Corporation IBM DB2 SB2021122718
74 IBM Corporation IBM SPSS Statistics Server SB2021122811
75 IBM Corporation IBM DCNM SB2021122907
76 IBM Corporation IBM Spectrum Scale for IBM Elastic Storage Server SB2021123005
77 IBM Corporation Netcool Operations Insight SB2021123006
78 IBM Corporation IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog in Cloud Pak for Data SB2021123008
79 IBM Corporation Industry Models – IBM Data Model For Energy and Utilities SB2022010316
80 IBM Corporation Industry Models – IBM Unified Data Model for Healthcare SB2022010318
81 IBM Corporation Industry Models – IBM Banking and Financial Markets Data Warehouse SB2022010322
82 IBM Corporation Industry Models – IBM Insurance Information Warehouse SB2022010323
83 IBM Corporation Crypto Hardware Initialization and Maintenance (CHIM) SB2022010522
84 IBM Corporation IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for zOS SB2022010619
85 IBM Corporation IBM Tivoli Monitoring SB2022010629
86 IBM Corporation IBM Sterling Transformation Extender SB2022010908
87 IBM Corporation IBM Sterling B2B Integrator SB2022010909
88 IBM Corporation IBM Sterling File Gateway SB2022011028
89 IBM Corporation Financial Transaction Manager for Digital Payments (DP) SB2022011035
90 IBM Corporation Financial Transaction Manager for Corporate Payment Services (CPS)  SB2022011036
91 IBM Corporation Financial Transaction Manager for ACH Services and Check Services SB2022011037
92 IBM Corporation Operational Decision Manager SB2022011106
93 IBM Corporation IBM Spectrum Control SB2022011105
94 IBM Corporation IBM Spectrum Conductor SB2022011024
95 IBM Corporation IBM Spectrum Symphony SB2022011023
96 IBM Corporation SPSS Statistics Subscription SB2021122810
97 IBM Corporation  IBM Watson Assistant for IBM Cloud Pak for Data SB2021122721
98 IBM Corporation IBM Edge Application Manger SB2021122713
99 Intel Intel Audio Development Kit SB2021121511
100 Intel Intel Datacenter Manager SB2021121512
101 Intel Intel oneAPI sample browser plugin for Eclipse SB2021121513
102 Intel Intel System Debugger SB2021121514
103 Intel Intel Secure Device Onboard SB2021121515
104 Ivanti Avalanche SB2021122106
105 Ivanti Ivanti File Director SB2021122107
106 Ivanti MobileIron Core SB2021122108
107 Ivanti MobileIron Sentry SB2021122109
108 Ivanti MobileIron Core Connector SB2021122110
109 Ivanti Reporting Database (RDB) SB2021122111
110 JetBrains s.r.o. YouTrack SB2021121606
111 JetBrains s.r.o. Hub SB2021121714
112 Johnson Controls exacqVision Enterprise System Manager SB2021122710
113 Karsten Hahn PortEx SB2021121442
114 LiveAction LiveNA SB2021121712
115 LiveAction LiveNX SB2021121713
116 LucaNet LucaNet SB2021121611
117 Metabase Metabase SB2021121313
118 Microsoft Kafka Connect for Azure Cosmos DB SB2021121444
119 Mojang Studios Minecraft SB2021121349
120 MongoDB, Inc. Atlas Search SB2021122119
121 N‑able Risk Intelligence SB2021122118
122 National Security Agency Ghidra SB2021121314
123 Nelson Nelson SB2021121506
124 Neo4j Neo4j: Graphs for Everyone SB2021121505
125 NetCore j.s.a. unimus SB2021121711
126 Netflix Netflix Atlas SB2021121525
127 Netflix dgs-framework SB2021121530
128 Netflix Spectator SB2021121531
129 New Relic Containerized private minion (CPM) SB2021122212
130 New Relic Java agent SB2021122213
131 New Relic Java agent SB2022011042
132 Okta Okta RADIUS Server Agent SB2021121501
133 openHAB openHAB Distribution SB2021121528
134 OpenMRS OpenMRS Platform SB2021122116
135 OpenMRS Reference Application SB2021122117
136 OpenSearch OpenSearch SB2021122115
137 OWASP ZAP SB2021121350
138 PaperCut Software PaperCut MF SB2021122113
139 PaperCut Software PaperCut NG SB2021122114
140 Red Hat Inc. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform SB2021121492
141 Red Hat Inc. AMQ Streams SB2021121521
142 Red Hat Inc. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform SB2021121647
143 Red Hat Inc. AMQ Streams SB2021121652
144 Red Hat Inc. Red Hat Process Automation Manager (formerly JBoss BPM Suite) SB2022011732
145 Redis Labs Jedis SB2021121441
146 Riverbed Riverbed Portal SB2021121436
147 Riverbed Riverbed NetIM SB2021121437
148 Riverbed Riverbed UCExpert SB2021121438
149 Riverbed Scon EX Director SB2021121439
150 Riverbed Scon EX Analytics SB2021121440
151 Rundeck Rundeck SB2021121516
152 Siemens SPPA-T3000 Application Server SB2021121640
153 Silver Peak Systems, Inc. Silver Peak Orchestrator SB2021121435
154 Sitecore Sitecore XP SB2021121710
155 SmartBear SoapUI SB2022011013
156 SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer SB2021121310
157 Stardog Union Stardog SB2021121709
158 Stratodesk NoTouch Center SB2021121716
159 Sumo Logic Sumo Logic SB2021121503
160 Symantec Corporation Symantec Advanced Authentication SB2021121311
161 Symantec Corporation Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager SB2021121312
162 SyncRO Soft Oxygen Content Fusion SB2021121626
163 SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Web Author SB2021121627
164 SyncRO Soft Oxygen Feedback SB2021121628
165 SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Publishing Engine SB2021121629
166 SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML WebHelp SB2021121630
167 SyncRO Soft Oxygen PDF Chemistry SB2021121631
168 SyncRO Soft Oxygen License Server SB2021121632
169 SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Author SB2021121633
170 SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Developer SB2021121634
171 SyncRO Soft Web Author PDF Plugin SB2021121635
172 SyncRO Soft Oxygen Web Author Test Server Add-on SB2021121636
173 SyncRO Soft XSD to JSON Schema Converter SB2021121637
174 SyncRO Soft Git Client SB2021121638
175 SyncRO Soft Batch Documents Converter SB2021121639
176 syntevo DeepGit SB2021121502
177 Trend Micro Deep Discovery Director SB2021122304
178 Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Network Application SB2021122120
179 VMware, Inc vCenter Server SB2021121101
180 VMware, Inc VMware Horizon SB2021121315
181 VMware, Inc VMware HCX SB2021121316
182 VMware, Inc NSX-T SB2021121317
183 VMware, Inc VMWare Unified Access Gateway SB2021121318
184 VMware, Inc VMware Workspace One Access SB2021121319
185 VMware, Inc VMware Identity Manager SB2021121320
186 VMware, Inc VMware vRealize Operations SB2021121321
187 VMware, Inc vRealize Log Insight SB2021121322
188 VMware, Inc vRealize Automation SB2021121323
189 VMware, Inc vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager SB2021121324
190 VMware, Inc Telco Cloud Automation SB2021121325
191 VMware, Inc Carbon Black Cloud Workload appliance SB2021121326
192 VMware, Inc Carbon Black EDR Server SB2021121327
193 VMware, Inc vSphere Replication SB2021121328
194 VMware, Inc VMware Tanzu GemFire SB2021121329
195 VMware, Inc Tanzu Greenplum SB2021121330
196 VMware, Inc VMware Tanzu Operations Manager SB2021121331
197 VMware, Inc VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs SB2021121332
198 VMware, Inc VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition SB2021121402
199 VMware, Inc VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront Nozzle SB2021121403
200 VMware, Inc Healthwatch for Tanzu Application Service SB2021121404
201 VMware, Inc Spring Cloud Services for VMware Tanzu SB2021121405
202 VMware, Inc Spring Cloud Gateway for VMware Tanzu SB2021121406
203 VMware, Inc Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes SB2021121407
204 VMware, Inc API Portal for VMware Tanzu SB2021121408
205 VMware, Inc Single Sign-On for VMware Tanzu Application Service SB2021121409
206 VMware, Inc App Metrics SB2021121410
207 VMware, Inc VMware vCenter Cloud Gateway SB2021121411
208 VMware, Inc vRealize Orchestrator SB2021121412
209 VMware, Inc Cloud Foundation SB2021121413
210 VMware, Inc Horizon DaaS SB2021121414
211 VMware, Inc Horizon Cloud Connector SB2021121415
212 VMware, Inc NSX Data Center for vSphere SB2021121416
213 VMware, Inc AppDefense Appliance SB2021121417
214 VMware, Inc Cloud Director Object Storage Extension SB2021121418
215 VMware, Inc Telco Cloud Operations SB2021121419
216 VMware, Inc Tanzu Scheduler SB2021121421
217 VMware, Inc Smart Assurance NCM SB2021121422
218 VMware, Inc Smart Assurance SAM SB2021121423
219 VMware, Inc VMware Workspace One Access Connector SB2021121424
220 VMware, Inc vRealize Business for Cloud SB2021121425
221 VMware, Inc Integrated OpenStack SB2021121426
222 Wowza Media Systems Wowza Streaming Engine SB2021121427
223 Yellowfin Yellowfin SB2021121715
224 Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Zoho ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer SB2021122706
225 ZyXEL Communications Corp. NetAtlas Element Management System (EMS) SB2021121720
68 221

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